Basics Steps to Opening up a Restaurant


A lot of people dream of opening up a restaurant. However, the journey to successfully run a restaurant is quite intimidating. We have listed down the following guide to help you face all the crucial challenges in this endeavor.

Have a Unique Concept

In the restaurant industry, it’s important to stand out from the mass majority. Restaurants that follow recent trends don’t have any longevity in their business. Therefore pick a concept that flourishes with the general public in the long run. A good concept coupled with great food and service will certainly result in a profitable business.

Effectual Business Plan

After finalizing the concept, it’s important to lay down the details of the business plan ahead of you. Make achievable deadlines with a clear-cut road map towards your goal. Do the proper market analysis and include a restaurant description and executive summary of your plan. Writing a comprehensive business plan is important as it will keep you on track and would keep your investment in check.

Raising Money

After completing the initial steps, it’s time to get down to the basics. Opening a restaurant is quite expensive. You’ll need to raise funds from investors or partner with someone passionate as yourself. Taking out a loan is also an option however it should be your last resort.

Choosing the Location

Put in a lot of effort while choosing a location for your restaurant. Don’t simply rent/purchase a location without giving it proper thought. Your location will determine all the economics and traffic associated with your restaurant. A small restaurant on a busy road will provide the best return on investment.

Devise the Menu

It’s now time to make your concept menu into an official one. A comprehensive menu with reasonable prices will attract the majority of customers and hence should be given utmost priority.

Hiring the Right Staff

A quality staff will ensure quality service for your customers. The team can range anywhere from 5-50 people. Be sure to choose the right people as your staff will be the point of contact for your customers.

Deploying a Reservation System

Installing a restaurant reservation system in your restaurant can automate a lot of processes for you. It will increase your turn over time and can allow you to receive bookings from multiple channels as well. You can visualize your sales graph along with the customer behavior on different days of the week.

Have a Grand Opening

Before jumping into the grand opening, it’s important to test out your staff with a soft opening. They’ll have the chance to interact with real guests beforehand, and you can note down the flaws in your system. After that, have a grand opening and sort out maximum publicity for your restaurant. Invite your local bloggers, press, and public so they may taste your new flavor in town.

Make a Marketing Plan

If you are getting less traffic than expected, it’s time to formulate a marketing strategy or revamp your previous one. Have an updated strategy that utilizes social media to create maximum impact on your potential customers.