5 Reliable Ways to Relieve Stress of Restaurant Staff

It is common for a restaurant worker to be stressed out and lose temper. He has to go through intense manual-labor and challenging environments to work in restaurant’s kitchen. This stress affects “productivity”, “efficiency” and “quality of work” of the workers. It is no way good for the worker’s health also. One employee’s stress can largely affect all those working around him. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce stress among workers at workplace. Read on below to know about the 5 reliable ways restaurant staff can de-stress at work.

1: Set the Example:

As restaurant owner, you must lead by example at the first place. The positive vibes from you will affect your team’s behavior. You must be high on energy every time in a good mood. Even if any hurdle comes your way, you should not panic out. You must deal with it without getting stressed out. When your staff sees this positive behavior of you, they will get inspired and refrain from destructive behaviors. You will notice that it will positively affect the quality of dishes and dining experiences they put in for customers. Not only restaurant’s owner, the members of restaurant staff should also show constructive behavior to cut out stress in the surroundings.

2: Adequate Number of Staff:

Your restaurant should have adequate number of staff. Understaffing your kitchen will create stress of work-burden among workers when someone has to go on leave. What if a worker has some emergency to go urgently? If your kitchen is understaffed, it will get more understaffed. Only few workers have to manage everything. This understaffed situation will create stress and panic. The quality of work will affect eventually. You must keep your line staffed to cope up with peak times and rush hours.

3: Documented Procedures and Processes:

A restaurant will invite stress and tension when it does not have operational processes and procedures. If you experience electricity breakout, only an emergency procedure backup can reduce stress and anxiety. When every staff member knows what to do in which situation, no stress and panic would be there. They will exactly know the quick, easy and right course of action to take if you have documented process for every situation.

4: Watch Out For Music:

Music is soothing to soul. But in an atmosphere like restaurant’s kitchen, it may do more harm than good. The restaurant kitchen is already loud on noises (dishes, utensils, flames, kitchen wash basin, exhaust fans and much more). If you put on loud music there, you can imagine what the situation could be. The staff can get distracted and make mistakes in stress. They can destroy kitchen property or ruin the recipe.

5: Collaborative Culture:

Keeping a supportive and collaborative culture in restaurants is like giving life to the workplace. You should provide a good environment to work at for your staff. They should feel safe at work, they should enjoy working in your restaurant kitchen, they should help fellow staff, they should respect workplace diversity and most of all they should feel authorized to bring in something new to menu. Supportive workplace culture helps a lot in cutting down all the stress and strain among the workers.